About - Susan Hartzler
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About Susan Hartzler

Award-Winning Writer, Author, Blogger, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, Social Media Expert, Therapy Dogs International Evaluator, Dog Trainer, Dog Lover


Susan Hartzler is a Public Relations professional who works with a variety of clients generating stories in magazines, newspapers and blogs as well as on television and radio. A highly innovative, self-motivated and performance-driven public relations professional, Ms. Hartzler is credited with inspired marketing campaigns that utilize both traditional media placements and social media strategies to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of editorial access across a broad spectrum of outlets. Acknowledged for her outstanding ability to create and deliver consistent brand messaging while using creativity to bring campaigns to life, she has extensive experience in the travel, spa and pet arena. Ms. Hartzler is an award-winning writer who is published in two books and writes her own blog, Travels With Bliss, focusing on adventures with her amazingly talented Australian Shepherd, Seven. She is also a blogger for hire, dog trainer and evaluator for Therapy Dogs International.

Relevant awards

Dog Writers Association of America’s Angel on a Leash Award, 2014
“Pawlitzer” Prize Winner, 2017

Mission statement

My mission is to show how it’s possible to live a rewarding life without being married. I chose to live my life with my furry children and am grateful to have an amazing family that consists of many good friends, both two-legged and four.

Susan is one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever worked with.