I’m Not Single I Have A Dog


At age 60, Susan Hartzler has learned to accept, even love, the single life, provided she has good friends and a dog or two by her side.

Always attracted to the quintessential bad boy with his good looks and charming ways, she was sure she could change “the one” into a devoted partner and loving father, but her compulsive giving and fixing behaviors went hand in hand with her disappointing and disastrous romantic relationships.

On a purposeful trip to the pound, she hoped to find a dog to care for, one that would sniff out the bad guys, give her a sense of purpose, and help her find meaning in her crazy world. Thoughtful and funny, this memoir follows Susan’s life through the many ups and downs on her way to finding unconditional love.

Her journey is a personal one, full of the hard decisions it took to learn to put herself first and stop entering and staying in unhealthy relationships. By saving a dog, she rescues herself, learning to love herself as much as her dog loves her.

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Meet the Author


Susan Hartzler is a lifelong dog lover and an award-winning writer who has figured out a way to live her life to the fullest as a single woman, not conforming to the social norms of marriage and children. Winner of the Angel on a leash Award from the Dog Writer’s Association of America and the Pawlitzer Prize from America’s most dog friendly city Carmel, CA, Susan has created a life filled with joy that revolves around her dogs. She’s had two short stories published in books, namely New World Library’s Dogs and the Women Who Love Them and Atria’s The Divinity of Dogs.. Both stories were originally created as chapters in her book, I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog. Susan also works as a blogger for hire and writes public relations and marketing materials for a variety of industries. Her current pack consists of two talented Australian Shepherds, Seven and Paige Turner, who Susan has trained to act in commercials and bring their special kind of love to children in the hospital as therapy dogs.